Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stage 1: Pear Puree

This is wonderful puree that can be served to your baby as a first food and can also be a great addition to combo meals as your baby progresses. The best part is that pear puree goes well with just about anything that you will feed your little one (add it to applesauce, add it to a bitter fruit or veggie puree - in my experience squash, parsnip and apricots can become a bit tart or as your baby starts adding meats to their diet pear goes great with chicken). There are two ways that I would prepare pear puree for my little guy. The first is my basic pear puree (below) and the second is my pearsauce (a great alternative to applesauce).


What you need:

1.)  Pears (peeled and cut into chuncks)

2.)  Water (for the steamer and as needed for pureeing)


*In general pears a watery enough to puree without additional water, so I wouldn't add water to your pureeing devise until you are sure you need it.*


What to do:

1.)  Place the pear chuncks in the steamer (or bake in the over) until tender enough to mash.

2.)  You don't want to take them too far so keep and eye on them. The time it will take to cook these will depend on how soft (or hard) the pear you are using is.

3.)  Place in your pureeing devise of choose and puree to the desired consistency Add water, as needed for pureeing.



As I noted above you can use your pear puree for just about anything. Here are a few of our favorites:


Fruit and Oatmeal: Add the pear puree to baby oatmeal (or rice cereal) for a yummy breakfast chioce


Fruit and Veggies: Combine with just about any veggie puree (we love pear with squash, sweet potato or parsnips)


Pear and Banana: When consistency of a fork mashed banana is still too much for your little one, try adding a thin pear puree to make it easier for your little one to eat.


Pear and chicken: As you start adding meats to your baby's diet the pear puree goes great with chicken and pork

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