Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stage 1: Baby Oatmeal

I will be honest with you in saying that my little guy ate very little baby cereal. He basically jumped right into fruits and veggies and I typically bought baby cereal at the store to keep in the house as a thickener for purees. I did however make baby oatmeal for him, to serve as a breakfast item. You can use it as a starter food (meaning one that you would feed to your little one adding no additional items) or you can feed it to your little one as a combo with fruits or veggies.

Note, If you are looking to make baby rice or barley cereals use the same technique (grind into a powder in the blender or food processor and the follow the "what to do" below. Try Brown Rice for an added boost of nutrition.


What you need:

1.) 1/4 cup of oats (do not use instant or quick cook) ground in the blender or food processor

2.) 3/4 cup of water


What to do:

1.) Bring the water to a boil

2.) Add the ground oatmeal and stir

3.) Simmer for about 10 minutes, being sure to wisk/mix the oatmeal frequently

4.) Mix in formula or breast milk Serve warm



Fruit and Oatmeal: Mix in a fruit puree at then end.


Veggie and Oatmeal: This one may sound strange to you because you probably think of oatmeal as a breakfast item, however, try mixing the oatmeal with sweet potato or carrot purees (once again adding at the end as suggested in the Fruit and Oatmeal alternative above) this is a great option to thicken leftover frozen puree's as your little one begins to want more consistency to their food.


Mommy Tip: When making the Fruit and Oatmeal or Veggie and Oamtmeal alternatives above, use a fruit puree out of the refridegerator (or cooled to room tempreture) to instantly cool your baby's oatmeal down for eating.

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