Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stage 1: Apricot Puree

Generally I would suggest that you use any fruit or vegetable in it's most fresh stage when making baby food, however, this is one recipe for which it is absolutely fine to use the dried apricots. You will, however, want to be sure to check the label ensuring that it is truly just the dried fruit and no additional sugars, etc... have been added.


When making apricot puree you will want to note that it will not freeze solid. In my reseach of various websites it seems that apricot puree is still perfectly safe to freeze (even though it doesnt freeze solid), having said that when I made this for my little guy I generally just made enough for a few days. If you have some leftover and don't want to freeze it use it to make a smoothie for other family members.


What you need:

1.)  Dried Apricots

2.)  100% pure fruit juice (we like apple, but use pear or white grape if that is what you have in the house) or replace the juice with water.


I don't generally include measurements because your recipe with change greatly if you are making a single meal or making extra to freeze. For this recipe you will want to be at about 1lb of dried apricots to 2 cups of water or juice.


What to do:

1.)  Bring liquid and fruit to a boil

2.)  Lower tempreture and simmer for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure that you have let them simmer long enough for the dried fruit to soften

3.)  Place in your pureeing devise of choose and puree to the desired consistency


If you need additional liquid while pureeing feel free to use reserved cooking liquid or you can add water if you would like.



 Fruit and Oatmeal: Add the apricot puree to baby oatmeal (or rice cereal) for a yummy breakfast chioce


Mommy Tip:  Using the juice for the cooking liquid will ensure that there is no bitterness to your baby's apricot puree. If you are uncomfortable with serving store bought juice to your baby (my little guy is now 15 months and we just began giving him watered down juice in the last week or so) try these modifications:

- Fresh squezzed juice

- Use water as the cooking liquid and add juice (or a juice/water combo) when pureeing if the apricot seems too tart

- Make a combo using a sweet fruit puree (like pear for example). Remember, you will only want to go with the combo option if the baby has had at least one of the combo items for 4 days in a row to ensure that they are not allergic

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