Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Foods - Stage One: Basic Purees

The recipes on this page are intended to be the first meals that you will make your little one as they begin solid foods (possibly around 4 months, though some people wait until 6 months or later to start their little one on solids. Since it is suggested the you follow the "4 day rule" (see below) when introducing a new food, I have set this section up to include only single ingredient puree's (though you will note that in some I have also included multi-ingedient altenatives). As your baby progresses through the first foods and had built up the number of food for which allergies have been ruled out you will want to visit the "First Foods - Stage One: Combo's" section wich will still include very simple and very pureed meals but the recipes will begin to combine two or more food items.

As you are begining this adventure with your baby keep in mind the following:
- The "4 day rule"
- feed your baby the same single item for 4 days in a row to confirm that there is no allergy.
- You can combine two foods (even if you are still in the "4 day rule" stage as long as your baby has had one of the two items for at least 4 days and you have ruled out an alergy to that item
- Whenever possible use fresh fruits and veggies to make baby food. When using frozen fruits and veggies be sure to check the label. You will want to make sure they haven't added sugar, salt, etc...many times the package will read "fresh frozen".
- My favorite appliance for baby food making is my steamer...if you are going to buy one baby food making product thats the one I would go with - Choose mild foods at the beginning, this will allow your little one to adjust to eating (this is why many choose rice cereal as baby's first food)
- They may only eat a spoonful or two at each feeding as they begin solid foods - it is tempting to try to get them to eat more, but remember this is a brand new thing for them. Let your baby guide you.
- Your baby may seem disinterested, keep in mind that this is all new to them...they will catch on after the first few days
- It may seem as if your baby doesn't like these new foods, keep trying them out (especially if you are in the "4 day rule" stage)
- Talk to your peditrician about recommendations for first foods
- some doctors suggest rice cereal, but others are fine with you jumping right into veggies/fruits.
- Although they say don't give your baby milk before 1, you can cook with it for your baby as he/she gets older. The reason for the 1 year rule for milk is that they don't want milk to replace the formula in your baby's diet. As you begin to look at my Stage 2 and Stage 3 recipes you will see that they will begin to include milk as an ingredient.
- It WILL be messy...plan accordingly and don't wear your favorite outfit to feed baby for the 1st time especially if it won't clean up well

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