Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Basic Veggie Puree - Squash

There are a couple of ways that you can easily prepare squash for your little one.  To retain the most nutrients from this vegetable you will want to Roast or Bake the squash for your little one.  You will find that both baking and roasting will be the easiest options for you as well.

What you need:
Butternut Squash

What to do:
Cut the butternut squash in half (lengthwise) and remove the seeds from the middle of the squash.
In a baking dish/roasting pan with about a couple of inches of water, place the squash face down
Bake for about 40 minutes at 400 F.  I normally check between 30 and 40 minutes - once you see that the outside of the squash is starting to wrinkle/pucker your squash will be done.

How to prepare:
Once the squash is cooked scoop out the flesh into your favorite pureeing devise (food processor / blender) and puree until you reach the desired consitency.  If additional liquid is needed add water to your puree.  I suggest adding small amounts at a time so that you don't make the puree to liquidy. 

**Mommy Tip**
You can pick just about any milder veggie to give them as a "first food" but keep in mind that some veggies - squash, for example, can make your little one gassy...if you don't want a sad little baby you may want to hold off on these veggies for a bit.  My baby had squash and seemed to have horrible gas pain afterwards, we waited about a month and tried it again and he seemed fine.  We are just careful now to not give him too much. 

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