Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Basic Fruit Puree - Cranberry

As we all know, fall is the prime season for cranberries.  Take that opportunity to introduce your little one to this tangy treat.  I make a cranberry sauce that your entire family will love, we serve it as a side dish every year for Thanksgiving (and sometimes Christmas).
We all know that Cranberries can be acidic, so you may want to hold off until your baby is between 9 and 12 months before introducing this fruit.  For the same reason, I suggest introducing in small amounts.  Offer just a couple of spoonfuls the first few times, until you know that your baby is not impacted by the acidity.  On the allergy front, you will be happy to know that cranberries are not in the same "berry" family as strawberries, etc... and as such you don't not have to follow the "wait until 12 months rule" and you will also be happy to know that from my research cranberry allergies are very rare.
 What you need:
 - A 1 lb bag of Fresh Cranberries
 - 1 cup of fruit juice or water (you can use just about any kind - grape, cranberry, pomegranite, apple, apple cider) or water

What to do:
 - Rinse Cranberries and add to a medium saucepan
 - Add the 1 cup of the Juice of your choice (you can replace the juice with water, but I like the juice for added flavor)
 - Cook stirring ocassionaly until berries are soft enough to puree.
 - Add the cranberries to your pureeing devise of choice and puree until the desired consistency is reached.
**Mommy Tip**
I like to use 100% fruit juice (with no added sugar) when making this for the baby.  It allows you to add some sweetness to cut through the tartness of the cranberry without adding sugar.
**Mommy Tip**
If you choose to not add a sweetner think about combining the cranberry with a sweeter fruit puree such as peeches or pears to offset some of the tartness.

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