Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pureeing 101

You went to your baby's doctor appointment and they told you that you can start your little one on solid foods. 

With our first son (who did not get homemade baby food) we started him on fruits and veggies.  This was at his doctor's direction.  He was having problems with constipation at that point so his doctor said that the fruits and veggies would be a better starter food for him.  This time our doctor recommended that we start our little guy on Rice Cereal.  We did start him on rice cereal but he didn't love it so we decided to move onto the fruits and veggies after the first week.  He did absolutely fine with this.  Though I do recommend discussing your feeding choices with your pediatrician, it is also important to remember that as the parent you will be the best judge of how your child is doing day-to-day.  My little guy is not even 11 months old yet and this past weekend he held and ate his own apple (and was holding and eating his own peaches by about 8 or 9 months).  We are right next to him watching closely (there were actually 3 adults watching him eat an apple so I think we were covered) but he is ready for it and wants to feed himself so we let him. 

Where do you start?
 - You likely discussed at your baby's appointment what they recommend for "First Foods". Remember, I am not a doctor but I believe that most recommend rice cereal to start and then moving on to the other cereals (barley, mixed grains, oatmeal) and from there onto fruits and veggies and then finally meats (between 9 and 12 months).   

 **Mommy Tip** Every new food should be given for FOUR days straight.  This allows you to figure out if your baby is allergic to that item.  Introducing one food at at time means that if you child is showing signs of an allergic reaction you will know exactly what items caused it.
If you have decided to start your baby on Rice Cereal you have a couple of options.  You can buy the rice cereal at the store (which is what I did) and mix it with some formula / breast milk to get the desired consistency for your baby - the first few times you will probably need it fairly liquidy.  The other option is to make your own rice cereal - I can't take credit for these recipes but if this is the route you plan to go check out the rice cereal recipes at

If you decided to go with the fruits and/or veggies as your baby's "First Foods" you are thinking about making baby food puree's.  Your first decision will be if you want to introduce fruits or veggies first (your
doctor may have already discussed preferences with you).  Many say that if you give your baby fruits first they tend to have a "sweet tooth" and want the sweet foods over the other options.  Personally, I have not found this to be a problem but you will need to make your decision based on what you feel is right for you and your baby.

You have read my "Tools for the Job" post and now you are ready to decide what your baby's first meal will be.  Take a look at my Basic Puree Recipes for some ideas.

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